Knowledge about MANUFACTURING

To offer our customers the best possible quality, we use state-of-the-art production lines that we are constantly expanding. The sustainability of our investments is naturally also an important factor here. Our computer-aided manufacturing systems, CAM for short, are increasingly merging design with manufacturing. Continuous personal development of our employees, as well as high quality standards and reliable work, are what set us apart. In doing so, there are no challenges we are afraid to face; we are pleased to take on your projects and we are open to new ideas.

In the area of machining our customers have numerous 5-axis milling centers at their disposal. Components with sizes of X=9.0m x Y=4.2m x Z=2.5m can be machined.

Other key areas of our production facilities

• Autoclave technology
• Traditional model and mold manufacture
• Turning technology
• Grinding technology
• Welding technology
• Surface finishing
• Measurement technology
• Assembly

First comes the vision, then the product. At the start of any design is a sketch. We help you turn your vision into reality. We take your idea and use it to create an initial virtual representation, all subsequent work stages come from this, right through to the finished product. Here we are continually striving for the highest possible quality with maximum flexibility, smooth-running project management, as well as absolute adherence to delivery dates. Our modern machinery and our highly qualified personnel assist us in achieving these objectives.

Professional advice and support is taken as read.

• Clay
• Speedfoam
• Mock-ups

An efficient means for the early detection of problems and avoiding consequential costs; created using individual parts from the pilot series and/or prototype parts. The parts are compared with the current data and checked. During assembly, the parts are corrected and dimensioned to specification, changes are incorporated, measured and assembled into an exact body shell.

Tolerances: General +/- 0.5 mm
Main points: +/- 0,3 mm

Where necessary, the tolerance is reduced to +/- 0.15 mm in specific areas.

A test cubing provides detailed insight into the extent of guaranteed buildability of components and attachments in the subsequent vehicle. This means that sources of errors can be detected and eliminated at an early stage.

As a full service supplier, we offer our customers professional support for everything from data management to the finished fully functional cubing. We support you in all development steps, whether part-cubing or a complete vehicle.

We support our customers with advice throughout the entire cubing process. Beginning with conceptual design to data management, design, manufacture and delivery as well as, if desired, installation at the final place of use.

Everything from one source!

A special feature of our company is the production of cubes made from carbon fiber. These offer significant advantages over the customary, aluminum-milled cubes. Our patents allow us to manufacture components such as doors and flaps with the original body weight and center of gravity as the subsequent serial component; naturally with the precision of an aluminum cubing.

We are happy to advise!

We “understand” your individual parts and know what to watch out for. To assess the accuracy of individual parts without a measuring system, test equipment is required that can provide a simple and fast indication of their quality. Our test equipment and gauges are used around the world, no matter what conditions and temperatures they are used in, we design the right product for you. Here too, lightweight construction is more in demand than ever.


• Low production costs: Tools can be used for duplicate creation
• Low weight: Weight about 70% – 80% lighter than conventional aluminum gauges, meaning:
• Reduced risk of accidents
• Easier operation
• Lower transport costs
• Improved handling and ergonomics; no balancer required due to the low weight, meaning:
• Flexible and versatile
• High rigidity (with low weight)
• Temperature insensitivity

Thanks to our many years of specialist experience in the field of lightweight carbon fiber construction, we have accumulated substantial know-how and are constantly improving and developing our competencies. Different methods for the manufacture of fiberglass and carbon fiber components
such as autoclave technology, resin infusion and wet laminating are used here. The maximum component dimensions for the autoclaves are 5.0m x 2.5m.

True to our motto “We turn your visions into reality”, we do more than just carry out tasks for our customers; we also transform them into everyday processes. The vision of integrating lightweight construction into the field of cubing and gauge construction has not left us. We have subsequently developed methods to bring these topics together and are now able to draw on the enormous potential that our customers benefit from worldwide.

A patented solution from PROTO-TECHNIK GmbH for cubing is to build doors and panels made from carbon fiber with the same level of accuracy as an aluminum cubing. The key feature, however, is that the components correspond to the original weight and the original center of gravity of
the subsequent serial component.

This construction means that customers are able to gain new insights regarding the opening forces of engines, gas pressure springs, seals and much more at an early stage.Another positive effect that should not be underestimated is the easier handling, as well as the reduced risk of injury thanks to the low weight.

Duplicates can be produced cost-effectively.